Vila Real students on a cultural visit to the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences

Wednesday, February 21, 2024 - 18:56

On February 6, students from Morgado de Mateus Secondary School, Vila Real, who were visiting the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences at Católica Braga, were treated to a lesson in Greek culture and language.

These 12th grade students, enrolled in Greek, were accompanied by their Greek and Portuguese teachers, Eugénia Paula Almeida, who has a degree in Humanities from the former Faculty of Philosophy at UCP, and Sofia Doutel, respectively.

The welcome was given by the Librarian, Ana Paula Pinto, followed by a brief guided tour of the facilities, also accompanied by Maria José Ferreira Lopes. In the P. Júlio Fragata Library, visitors were able to see the photographic exhibition "On the shoulders of Giants", about some of the most important Jesuit professors in the history of this Faculty. The students also had access to the reserved room, where they consulted centuries-old volumes that bear witness to the FFCS's long cultural heritage.

This was followed, in one of the Library's rooms, by an open class on the current relevance of the legacy of classical antiquity in general, and Greek antiquity in particular, given by lecturer Maria José Ferreira Lopes. The class was also attended by 1st year Theology and Philosophy students, as well as 2nd year Portuguese Studies students, who share an interest in Classical Studies.

The visiting class used the rest of the day to get to know Braga's city center better, visiting the Dom Diogo de Sousa Archaeology Museum.