VII Lira - Festival of Women's Tunas

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - 10:49

The 7th edition of Lira, the Women's Tuna Festival, organized by Líricas - Women's Tuna of the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP) - Braga, will take place on March 23, starting at 9.30pm.

It's an event full of music and animation, with a lot of academic spirit celebrating student music, from a moment of conviviality between academic groups from different academies in the country. 

The following tunas are taking part in the competition: EncantaTuna - Women's Academic Tuna of the University of Beira Interior, Women's Tuna of the Portuguese Catholic University of Porto and Coimbra Women's Students. The Estudantina of Braga will also be present, as usual, as an out-of-competition tuna.

The program features special activities for the invited tunas, starting at 2pm and meeting at the Faculty of Philosophy Square. There will be a tour of the city of Braga and some of the obligatory stops will be the Café Concerto Rum by Mavy next to the Municipal Market; the Zés, next to Largo de Santiago; and Dona Petisca, in Largo da Sé Catedral.

The VII Lira is scheduled to take place at 9.30pm in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the UCP in Braga, with an afterparty at the BA - Bar Académico.

Tickets for the event are €4 and can be purchased from members of the Lyricas. For more information, you can get in touch via the contacts available on As Líricas' social networks (@liricasucp).

VII Lira - Festival de Tunas Femininas - Programa