UCP-Braga honors four founding professors of the institution

Thursday, May 25, 2023 - 18:47

The Catholic University of Portugal (UCP) - Braga Regional Center honored yesterday, May 25, four centenary teachers whose role was decisive for the institution, namely João Mendes SJ, Lúcio Craveiro SJ, Júlio Fragata SJ and António Freire SJ.

The session began at 5 pm, in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences (FFCS), and was attended by Mário Garcia, Manuel Gama, Teresa Fragata and Acílio Estanqueiro Rocha, who respectively evoked the aforementioned honorees.

The session was opened by José Manuel Lopes, Director of the FFCS, who referred to the role of these personalities also as Jesuits and their importance to the Society of Jesus - a factor that distinguished these "masters of knowledge" and defined them as concerned humanists with the integral education of man.

Mário Garcia also made a point of underlining this aspect and also highlighting that the Faculty of Philosophy is the rock on which the UCP was founded, so it can be considered that these four century-old professors are the founders of the Catholic University. About Father João Mendes, he recalled his human, literary, artistic and, above all, religious qualities.

Manuel Gama highlighted Father Lúcio Craveiro da Silva's intellectual and human qualities and characterized him as a "man of action" due to the numerous institutions he created, helped to create or even directed - with emphasis on the position of Provincial of the Jesuits that assumed, as well as rector of the University of Minho. "His thought acquired a rare depth and an exceptional broadening of horizons, both in terms of content and in his ability to analyze problems, situations and currents. That is why the number of books he wrote is today a veritable cultural heritage", he said.

In memory of Father Júlio Fragata, his niece, Teresa Fragata, said that he spoke from the heart and told several stories in his family, social and professional context.

Acílio Estanqueiro Rocha praised Father António Freire and classified him as "an internationally renowned figure in philology and language teaching". He recalled his program on RTP 2 called “Portuguesmente spoken” and his torrent of publications.

To close the reflection, João Duque, Pro-Rector of the Braga Regional Center of the UCP, challenged the Jesuits of today and tomorrow to continue the essential work of these exemplary teachers.

This was followed by the unveiling of the new FFCS plaques that name António Freire in the Aula Magna and Júlio Fragata in the Library.

This moment ended with a green of honor.

UCP-Braga homenageia quatro docentes -F