Students visit exhibition at Zet Gallery

Friday, May 12, 2023 - 17:25

Zet Gallery hosted the exhibition “Miriam Makeba: the post-memory of the struggle for freedom”, by Ângela Ferreira, and the Catholic University of Portugal - Braga Regional Center marked its presence, on the 29th of March.

The invitation was launched by Cândido Martins, Professor and Coordinator of Culture, which several students accepted and accompanied him on the guided tour of the respective exhibition, which ended with the viewing of a documentary about the artistry and philosophy that guided her to the creation of exposed parts.

Ângela Ferreira’s work is a kind of reparation for History, a tribute to the heroes of African resistance to colonialism, oppression, segregation. He soon understood that the end of colonialism did not eliminate the inequalities created during centuries of exploitation. Through processes of historical investigation, he began to develop projects and bodies of work that reflect on the consequences of colonialism and postcolonialism in contemporary society.

Miriam Makeba: a pós-memória da luta pela Liberdade na obra de Ângela Ferreira