DGS publishes Delphi Group Consensus Document on psychosocial risk assessment in the workplace

Thursday, March 9, 2023 - 14:30

The Directorate-General for Health (DGS), through the National Occupational Health Program (PNSOC), published the consensus document of experts from the Delphi Group, of which the professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Catholic University of Braga Sílvia Lopes is part of the SO*ARPSICO Study – “Assessment of psychosocial risk in a work context by Occupational Health and Safety/Occupational Health Services” (SST/SO).

The document presents the consensus of experts regarding the combination of instruments (eg questionnaires and scales) for the assessment of psychosocial risk by the OSH/OS Services, through the association between the "dimensions" and "questions" of 12 instruments - validated for the Portuguese population - and the main “risk factors” and “critical events” that cause psychosocial risks.

A recommendation is also presented for the assessment of psychosocial risk in micro and small companies (up to 50 workers), as well as for the particular assessment of 12 “specific work situations”.

This document brings together the main results of the 1st stage of the SO*ARPSICO Study achieved through the work carried out by a Delphi Group, made up of experts from 11 academic institutions and the Order of Portuguese Psychologists, and coordinated by the DGS/PNSOC.

It should be noted that the work carried out in the SO*ARPSICO Study aims at creating a “technological tool” that facilitates the assessment of psychosocial risk in companies, in particular micro and small companies. It is intended that this tool combines several instruments, dimensions and questions, which will facilitate its use in different work contexts, activity sectors and company sizes. This “technological tool” will also allow the dematerialization of Technical Guide No. 3 of the DGS - Health surveillance of workers exposed to psychosocial risk factors in the workplace.

The Expert Consensus Document on Psychosocial Risk Assessment in the Workplace is available here.

Publicação do Delphi