CLIL organizes a UCP Pedagogical Innovation Summit

Tuesday, June 13, 2023 - 12:13

On July 3, 2023, CLIL | Católica Learning Innovation Lab will organize a new Pedagogical Innovation Summit at Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP) to celebrate the end of its first cycle of activities. The event will count on the participation of several members of the Rectoral team, including the President of UCP, Isabel Capeloa Gil, and experts from the Universities of Stanford, Kent and UCL - University College London - Arena Centre.

According to Diana Soares, coordinator of CLIL and faculty at the Faculty of Education and Psychology (FEP), "this meeting is undoubtedly a special moment: it represents the culmination of a first cycle of activities underway by CLIL and the design of new initiatives to be developed in favor of Pedagogical Innovation at the Universidade Católica."


A summit organized in two parts

The celebration begins on the morning of July 3, with a session reserved for UCP faculty who are enrolled in the Communities of Learning and Practice organized by CLIL.

"During the morning, we want to bring together in person all the elements who, between March and June this year, participated in the Communities of Learning and Practice. We hope that this moment of conviviality will allow to share experiences and learn, as well as for the celebration of the results achieved within the Communities," stresses Diana Soares.

The second moment of the summit begins at 2 pm and is open to the entire academic community of Universidade Católica.

The session will take place at the Carvalho Guerra Auditorium and will be attended by several members of the rectoral team: Isabel Capeloa Gil, President of UCP, Isabel Vasconcelos, Vice-President, as well as Isabel Braga da Cruz and João Duque, Pro-Rectors.

During this period, the CLIL team will make an assessment of the ongoing activities throughout the past academic year, and will outline possible scenarios for a second cycle of initiatives.

The event will also feature a round table dedicated to the theme "How to institute and make sustainable innovation of practices in higher education?", with guest speakers from the Universities of Stanford, Kent, and UCL - University College London - Arena Centre. "These partnerships result from visits to international contexts of pedagogical excellence, carried out in February and March this year. They represent the result of the journey made, but also a perspective for a future of collaboration and mutual enrichment", says Paulo Dias, a member of CLIL's coordination and faculty at UCP's Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences.

"With this meeting, we intend, essentially, to celebrate pedagogical innovation at Universidade Católica, so we invite the entire UCP community to join us in this moment of sharing and reflection on the path taken, with an eye on the future," concludes the coordinator of the laboratory.

The program of the event is available HERE

We invite the entire UCP community to participate in this meeting. Those interested should register using this form until June 28.

CLIL promove Encontro de Inovação Pedagógica na UCP

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