Introduction to Comparative Literature and Comparatism

5 ECTS / Semestral / Português

It is very important that the student of this curricular unit begins by knowing, even if very introductorily, the birth and academic affirmation of Comparative Literature; and, above all, that he/she reflects upon the critical-methodological specificities of this area of knowledge. Subsequently, the student should be introduced to some of the major areas of comparative work, with great development in recent decades. Finally, the student should elaborate exercises of comparative analysis, exploring some domains of Comparatism and applying certain operative concepts previously assimilated.

Thus, the operative objectives are:

  • To know the emergence and affirmation of comparative litetature studies;
  • Assimilate the theoretical and critical-methodological specificities of Comparatism;
  • To problematize fundamental operative concepts assumed in comparative criticism;
  • Raise awareness of some of the research areas of comparative studies;
  • Apply knowledge of comparative criticism in practical work.


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