Tibães Monastery celebrates the triumph of love with the presence of Mário Cláudio

Monday, November 27, 2023 - 13:13
Diario do Minho

The Chapter Room of the Tibães Monastery will host, tomorrow, November 25th, at 5pm, a conversation around Portuguese love stories by the voice of what is considered one of the greatest figures in Portuguese literature, the writer Mário Cláudio. This is the 2nd extension of the Virtues Walk: Person, Heritage and Virtue, under the theme "The Art of the Word", in an initiative of the Group of Friends of the Tibães Monastery (GAMT).

Author of a vast and multifaceted work that encompasses fiction, chronicle, poetry, dramaturgy and essays, Mário Cláudio, who will soon celebrate 55 years of literary life, asserts himself as one of the most important authors in the Portuguese literary universe and will be, this Saturday, at the Tibães Monastery to participate in a conversation around his book "Triunfo do Amor Português".

«In a conversation led by the specialist in Literary Studies, Cândido Oliveira Martins, we will hear about the beautiful work by Mário Cláudio, "Triunfo do Amor Português. Stories of love and transgression recreated from legends and episodes from the History of Portugal, such as the by Pedro and Inês, Leonor Teles and Conde Andeiro, Camilo Castelo Branco and Ana Plácido. Inspiring stories accompanied by music from the 17th century, by Il Filo d'Oro, and by the voice of the Sindicato de Poesia and the Face to Face movement, Book to Book (FFBB)", he illustrated, to "DM,
Ana Cláudia Fernandes, from GAMT.

This will also be the debut of Il Filo d'Oro. Directed by tenor Fernando Guimarães, Il Filo d'Oro specializes in the historically informed interpretation of 17th century vocal music. The following day, Sunday, at the Da Arte da Palavra extension, the musicians will give a concert in the Chapter Room, at 6:00 pm. So, Tibães will celebrate the triumph of Portuguese love this weekend.