«It is in literature that language flourishes and grows»

Friday, June 2, 2023 - 10:54
Diario do Minho

Four years have passed since Unesco declared the date of May 5 as the World Day of the Portuguese Language, and it is with special attention that the Catholic University of Braga proposes to celebrate it. This year, there was the special presence of the writer Ana Margarida de Carvalho.

Between the importance of the language in the Lusophone space and the influences it receives from other geographies, the auditorium was packed with teachers, attentive students and also unfamiliar people. That's what literature does: it brings people together. The author of "You Can't Live in the Eyes of a Cat" captured the attention of the Isidro Alves audience, so her strong sensitivity to irony and her journalistic skills also helped.

Overshadowed by the world of Journalism, Ana Margarida dedicated a large part of her life to her career, but as fate would have it, she ended up discovering another slightly different world, almost at the age of 40.

The curriculum includes a degree in Law, but the path was not always predictable. She was a journalist for a long time, until she released her first novel, written in secret: "What Matters to the Fury of the Sea".

Awarded for her works, her life spanned other domains. She was a juror for ICA (Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual) competitions and is the author of the cultural podcast Felicidade Interna Bruta. There is much more to come, from the woman of seven or more trades.