Program Description

What does this course offer?

The main goal of the 3rd Cycle Course in Philosophy is to carry out research work in Philosophy, with an innovative and original contribution to the progress of knowledge, materialized in the preparation of a doctoral dissertation.

The course syllabus consists of a teaching component (two semesters) and a dissertation preparation component (four semesters).

The teaching component takes up the first two semesters of the course. It aims to deepen the knowledge and skills of philosophical reflection and analysis, guiding trainees towards themes, authors and works of recognized interest, topicality and quality, through the attendance of four curricular units (CUs). These courses will also provide an excellent space for interaction and collaboration between all the doctoral students.

Each semester of the teaching component will consist of one compulsory course and one optional course. The compulsory courses are as follows:

  • Semester I: “Research in Philosophy” - provides the indispensable tools for advanced and rigorous research.
    Semester II: “Advanced Themes in Philosophy” - provides an integrative view of philosophy.

The optional curricular units will be chosen from the following:

  • Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Culture;
  • Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Nature;
  • Advanced Topics in Philosophy and Science;
  • Advanced Topics in Aesthetics;
  • Advanced Topics in Ethics;
  • Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Religion;
  • Advanced Topics in Phenomenology;
  • Advanced Topics in Anthropology.

This range reflects the thematic options of the FFCS and the corresponding lines of research. They offer candidates the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills in line with their research interests with a view to their dissertation project.

The dissertation preparation component extends over the remaining four semesters of the course, providing the preparation of the doctoral dissertation, always integrated into the respective Accompanying Seminar.


  • To provide a suitable context for philosophical research, in complete freedom and respect for the different positions and currents of thought;
  • To arouse interest in current issues in philosophical thought, framing and confronting them with historical tradition;
  • Impart a dynamic of demand, rigor, quality, originality and critical spirit in the development of the work;
  • Encourage the enrichment of thought through the exchange of ideas and participation in philosophical events;
  • To provide personalized guidance and accompaniment in the preparation of the doctoral dissertation.

The creation of this 3rd cycle course in Philosophy aims to extend and deepen the approach begun in the 2nd cycle. The proposing institution already has a long tradition of supervising dissertations and giving public exams for PhDs in Philosophy, practically in all of its subject areas.