Rádio Sintoniza*te is a university radio project designed by undergraduate students in Communication Sciences at UCP – Braga.

The main objective is to provide students with an immersion in the exciting world of radio journalism, offering a fun but demanding writing environment.

What makes Rádio Sintoniza*te different?

Students and their active participation in all stages of the project. From management positions to editorial positions, students are the true protagonists, developing and managing the radio with responsibility and commitment.


Currently, Rádio Sintoniza*te presents a varied program, consisting of four programs:

  • Information Radar -Weekly summary of the most relevant news, bringing to light all the essential information for listeners;
  • FairPlay - Most relevant events in the world of sport, in a program dedicated exclusively to all the latest news on the national and international sporting scene;
  • Coffee Conversations -  Round table for relaxed debate
    the most current topics in an engaging and playful way;
  • No Sticky Tongue -  Enlightening conversations/interviews with special guests.

It is expected to continue exploring the limits of creativity, leaving the door open for new programs in the future.

Sintoniza*te in to the radio that is made by students, for students!
Rádio Sintoniza*te



Testimonial - Mariana Machado

Mariana Machado

"Communication is one of humankind's most primal skills. It allows us to tell stories, to tell our history, it marks generations and awakens the creative side in us."