Protection and Care Plan

In coherence with its mission and values, the UCP assumes a culture of good treatment and prevention, identification and action within its scope of action against any form of violence, particularly aimed at people in vulnerable situations. The institution is committed to developing a culture of protection and care, and a zero tolerance policy in relation to mistreatment and abuse. To this end, it uses several tools, including the Code of Ethics and Conduct, operating procedures, training and various plans aimed at internal and external communication.

The entire UCP community is committed to these measures and acts in a socially responsible manner, with special attention when in direct contact with minors and adults in vulnerable situations.

With the Protection and Care Plan, the UCP establishes the following commitments:

  • Carefully select and train employees, teachers, researchers, students and volunteers, with a focus on professionalism, citizenship, integral development and human dignity;
  • Pay attention to and respond to questions, suspicions and complaints regarding conduct that directly involves members of the UCP;
  • Disseminate and continually improve protection and care practices, particularly in the development of activities with minors and vulnerable adults, encouraging participation and collaboration with partner entities.


The UCP has established Ombudsmen and channels with a view to protecting minors and adults in vulnerable situations, as well as analyzing complaints related to conduct or situations contrary to what is defined in the UCP Code of Ethics and Conduct and other regulations. The presentation of complaints or reports must be made in writing, with a complete and precise description of all relevant facts. Whistleblowers are protected by the UCP in relation to any form of retaliation. The UCP adopts organizational and technical measures to ensure that the information provided is treated with confidentiality, secrecy and care.


Contact Routes


Ethics Ombudsman at the Braga Regional Center

José Carlos Miranda

Doctor José Carlos de Miranda

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences at UCP


UCP Code of Ethics and Conduct


Equality and Inclusion Ombudsman at the Braga Regional Center

Ana Paula Pinto

Doctor Ana Paula Pinto

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences at UCP


UCP Gender Equality Plan


UCP Reporting Channel

Available to current and former employees and teachers.



Reporting Channel of the Portuguese Province of the Society of Jesus

Available to any FFCS member.