To apply for the Degree in Portuguese Studies you must pay a fee of 145.00€.

If you are over the age of 23 you must pay a fee of 210.00€.

You may also be subject to a special access fee of 55€, if you are a candidate who has completed high school abroad, and whose equivalence process is intermediated by UCP.

After admission, it will be necessary at the time of enrollment to pay the tuition and registration fee, including school insurance and card, in the amount of 385.00€.

To encourage the higher study of Portuguese Studies, given its strategic importance for the development of society, the Braga Regional Center, through the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences and with the collaboration of the Society of Jesus and the Archdiocese of Braga, has decided to support all those who wish to dedicate themselves to the higher study of Portuguese Studies, by granting all national students scholarships equivalent to 75% of the monthly tuition fee. In this sense, the monthly tuition will be 101,6 euros (see more here).

It should be noted that students must apply for DGES scholarships; if they get a scholarship, the respective amount will be paid to the University up to the equivalent of the total amount of the tuition.

International students will have access to five merit scholarships, equivalent to 75% of the monthly tuition, only starting from the 2nd year of the course, inclusive.

The first tuition fee is paid in the month of October, by the 10th. In the case of students without a scholarship, the monthly tuition fee is 406.50 euros (for 30 ECTS per semester) for admitted students (13.55 euros per credit unit) totaling 4,065.00 euros per year.

If you are an audit student you will pay 8.30€ per unit of credit.

Subsequent annual registration fees are 295€.

Note: The application fee, registration and first tuition fee are non-refundable




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