Program Description

What does this course offer?

The degree in Social Work at the FFCS offers students proximity teaching (with personalised support) with a strong articulation between theoretical and practical teaching. It highlights innovative teaching practices and methodologies appropriate to the syllabuses.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of academic and social solidarity activities in addition to conventional teaching activities. The priority of the course is to train outstanding professionals and contribute, equally, to the Integral Development of the Person. 

The most diverse experiences of contact with the contexts of practice are also highlighted. Direct contact with the field takes place throughout the course, beginning to have more expression from the 2nd year, when students begin their curricular internship. 

It is a course that is comprehensive in its training, since in addition to the structuring core of the Social Work area, it has a wide range of contributions from the most varied areas of social sciences and humanities, among others. 

The degree in Social Work at the FFCS has a total of 7 semesters (three and a half years) with a total of 210 ECTS.   

What are the objectives?
  • To train scientifically, enabling one to understand the major contemporary social changes and their impact on the lives of populations (individuals, families, groups, and communities);
  • To know, develop, and deepen the theoretical-methodological, technical-operational, and ethical dimensions of Social Work;
  • To contribute to the development and implementation of renewed and humanistic social policies;
  • To develop attitudes that contribute to the solution of human and social problems and favour the promotion and empowerment of people in respecting their options defending human rights and social justice.