CAVI Pais em Rede promotes Inclusive and Participative Meeting in partnership with Católica Braga

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 - 18:37

The Centro de Apoio à Vida Independente (CAVI) Pais em Rede will mark its 4th anniversary on the 28th of April with an Inclusive and Participative Meeting, between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, at the Isidro Alves Auditorium on the Camões Campus of the Catholic University Portuguesa (UCP) - Regional Center of Braga.

Thinking about Independent Living, that is, how it is represented, facilitated and constructed by People with Disabilities and Impairments, as well as by their families and by society in general, is the motto of this session.

The opening will be held by the Director of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences at UCP Braga, José Martins Lopes. Subsequently, the themes "Self-determination and Independent Living: from theory to practice", by Professor Luísa Martins Fernandes of the University of Minho and "Decision-making in Independent Living: what answers, what solutions?", by Psychologist Paula Carvalho Miranda will be addressed .

This celebration will also be attended by the Secretary of State for Inclusion, Ana Sofia Antunes, the President of Pais em Rede – Associação, Júlia Serpa Pimentel and the Advisor to the Council for Education, Innovation and Social Cohesion of Braga City Council , Joao Medeiros.

The Participatory and Inclusive Meeting is open to the community in general, with mandatory free registration.



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