Master in Philosophy - Ethics and Political Philosophy

Program Description

What does this course offer?

This 2nd cycle course in Philosophy offers an academic or professional specialization for graduates in the fields of Philosophy, Theology, Psychology, Law, Economics, International Relations, Sociology, Medicine, Biology and the like. This training responds to the need for qualified agents with scientific rigor and adequate preparation for intervention in different spheres. To achieve this goal, it includes comprehensive training, from knowledge of philosophical foundations, theories and current scientific practices to critical reflection on contemporary reality, seeking to imprint a humanistic, person-centered perspective in an environment of total freedom of investigation.

  • To deepen and develop knowledge acquired in the first cycle;
  • To provide a suitable context for philosophical research in specialized areas;
  • Analyze different theories and models applicable to the different levels of specialization;
  • Acquire skills in the areas of discourse, argumentation and analysis of current reality;
  • Explore the challenges and opportunities created by new realities and fields of knowledge;
  • Interact with the diversity of social and professional factors in different fields of activity.