A Abordagem dos 4E's à Mente/Cérebro, vai estar em debate na UCP Braga

Sexta-feira, Novembro 18, 2022 - 15:45
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A Abordagem dos 4E's [Corpórea, Integrada no Ambiente, Enativa, Expandida] à Mente/Cérebro” vai estar em debate na UCP Braga.

The Fourth International Conference on Philosophy of Mind conference  (4ICPM), will take place at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Catholic University of Portugal (Universidade Católica – Faculdade de Filosofia e Ciências Sociais), in Braga, Portugal. The 4E's [Embodied, Embedded, Enactive, Extended] Approach to Mind/Brain, will take place between the 6th and 8th of March of 2023.

The Conference will deal with topics related to approaches that assume that our mind – in general – is determined by 4 fundamental characteristics: corporeal (embodied) in relation to our senses and relationship with physical reality; embedded in relation to the social and cultural context; enactive, through the subject's active participation in the environment; extended through tools, appliances, other subjects, etc.

The purpose of the conference will be to debate these hypotheses (crossings, dissimilarities, new paths) through the perspective of Philosophy of Mind, but also of Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Neurosciences and Artificial Intelligence.

Graduate students, junior researchers and senior scholars are welcome to submit their work. 

Topics of interest might include (but are not limited to): 

- The 4E Cognition Approach to Mind/Brain Debate;
- What is the Relationship between Extended Cognition and ArtificiaI Intelligence?
- Embodied Perspectives and Extended Perspectives on Consciousness and Cognition;
- Consciousness and Social Cognition;
- Phenomenology and Cognitive Sciences;
- Bayesian Approaches to the Mind/Brain;
- The Lived Body in Contemporary Neuroscience;
- Brain-Reduced vs Brain-Based Approach to the Mind;
- Relationship between FEP/EM and the 4E's Approach;
- Neural Correlates of Language and Social Cognition;
- Linguistic and Psychological Evidences for 4E Cognition;
- Theorethical and Empirical Challenges to the 4E approach;
- Can a 4E Framework be Coerhently Integrated in Cognitive (Neuro)Science?
- How Technologies (Artificial Intelligence) are impacting what it means to be Human? 
- How Language is shaped by Somatic and Cultural Enviormnent? 
- What can Mental/Psychiatric Disorders teach us about the 4E's Approach (and vice-versa)?
- Cognition, Action and Perception in the 4E's Approach; 
- Brain-Body-Environment Coupling;
- Examples/Caveats of a Neurophenomenological Approach to the Couscious Mind/Brain;
- Philosophy of Perception, Memory, Cognition, Action, Intentionality, etc.;
- The Mind/Body/Brain Problem;
- Relationship between Philosophy and Other Sciences (e.g. Neuroscience, AI, Linguistics, etc);
- Integrated Information Theory, Predictive Processing and Global Workspace Theory;

. Other topics that fall under the general discussion.

Several renowned researchers will attend the meeting as keynote speakers, such as, Professor Adriana Sampaio (University of Minho, Portugal), Professor Shaun Gallagher (University of Memphis, USA), Professor Anna Ciaunica (University of Lisbon, Portugal), Professor Karl Friston (University College London, UK), Professor Peter Gärdenfors (Lund University, Sweden) and Professor Dirk Geeraerts (University of Leuven, Belgium).

The deadline for submissions is the 15th January of 2023.

For more info please visit the Official Website