Documents needed for the application:

  • Application form duly filled in;
  • Offcial indentification (e.g. passport) and tax documents documents (e.g. Brazil = CPF);
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Official Certificates of academic degrees (if the degree has been awarded by a non-Portuguese higher education institution it must comply with the provisions of the Portuguese legislation on the recognition of foreign degrees);
  • One photo (4cm x 3cm).

Please chek here application dates PRAZOS and fees PROPINAS

Students who make proof that they have a job (appart from studying) may enjoy an additional two years for the elaboration of the dissertation Thesis (after having completed the payments of the 3 years foreseen for the submission of the PhD Thesis), without payment of the respective fees (this proof must be delivered at the beginning of each academic year during this period).