Food Services/Meals

- Bars of the Catholic University of Portugal-Regional Center of Braga
Faculty Square and Camões Campus
Type of Meal/Lunch: 3,95€ (soup, sandwich and others, juice and coffee).

- Braga Youth Center / IPDJ
Rua de Santa Margarida 6, 4710-306 Braga
Type of Meal/Lunch: 5,50€ (bread, soup, plate, dessert, water/juice/wine and coffee).

- Cooperativa de Solidariedade Social João Paulo II, C.R.L., Braga
Rua José Sarmento, 4710-103, S. Victor Braga (Auditório Vita parking lot)
Type of Meal/Lunch: 5,75€ (soup, meat or fish dish, salads, dessert, bread, drink and coffee).

- Minho University
Snack-Bar of Congregados
(Braga City Center)
Type of Meal/Lunch: 2,70€/Students, 4,60€/Employees (soup, plate, dessert, bread, glass of water/tea).

(OBS: present student card / UCP card)

Prices updated for the school year 2022/2023