SE Scheduling

Service scheduling:

Due to the severe limitations imposed by the current pandemic situation, access to School Services is subject to an appointment, which needs to be made at least one hour in advance.

Before scheduling an appointment, you should contact School Services (by phone or email) to make sure that you need to come to our offices to resolve your issue.

To schedule an appointment at FFCS School Services, follow these steps:

1. Click here (or copy the following link; 
2. Choose, from the available blocks, the schedule that suits you best;
3. Fill in your details (name and e-mail address) and submit.

That's it! Your appointment is scheduled.
You will receive a message confirming the appointment.

If you need to cancel your attendance, please communicate this to the Services (forwarding to School Services the confirmation message you received from the system indicating that you want to cancel).

Practical recommendations necessary for a balanced functioning:

You should equip yourself with the elements you will need for the handling of the matter that will bring you to our Services;

If you have any questions, it is preferable that you contact our services for clarification;

You should not stay longer than necessary:
The longer you stay, the greater the risk run by you and the staff;
There are other appointments scheduled.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and best cooperation.

Respect the habits recommended by the health authorities.